Hello Grace Gardeners! 

I apologize for yet another email, but this seems like the best means of getting in touch with all of you. We will be out at the garden this evening creating the garden beds (again!). At this point, we need to take the dry weather when we can get it. We need all the help we can get, so, if you have any extra time this evening, please come join us!  

If it doesn’t rain, volunteers will be working the beds Thursday evening and Saturday, as well. However, rain is forecasted for Friday, so the ground will probably be too wet to work on Saturday.  

We planted around 100 plants last evening, and the Shepherd kids will be planting this week and next, hopefully. We will continue creating the beds as the summer progresses, just because it is a far more efficient means of gardening than the traditional rows. It will take us more time this first year to create the beds, but, in the long run, the beds will make our gardening much easier and more productive.  

Bring your shovels, rakes, work gloves, water and sunscreen, if you can make it out there tonight!

Just wait to hear from me about further tasks until once we have a handle on the planting schedule…thanks so much for your patience and understanding! 

Enjoy the day!