Tonight, a few brave souls ventured out to help us create the planting beds (thanks Deano, Ty, Mike, Kiersten, Grant and Bill), and it is finally looking like a garden out there!

Bill Wrin has laid out the garden for us – with easy to use and maintain garden beds and walkways. Bill tells us that beds are much easier to maintain and far more efficient than typical row planting. It is hard work setting up all the beds this first year, but it will be a breeze next year (and all of the years to come) to till the beds and work in organic material to ready the beds for planting. Bill has been a lifesaver in helping us get organized and plan for the future.

We’ll be out there tomorrow night too, if you can make it, depending on the weather. We’re hoping to be able to work more on Saturday, too, but storms are forecasted for Friday evening, so it may be too wet.

I’ll try to take some pictures tomorrow, so you can get a picture of how the garden is shaping up, if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

Thank you!