I forgot to take my camera out to the garden last night. I would try to draw a sketch of it for you, but it would probably come out looking like a giant blob due to my lack of artistic ability.

We were able to complete two more full rows of beds last night! Thanks to Scott, Tom, Katie and Kim for all of their help and hardwork! Special thanks to Carolyn and Dean Omori, who have loaned us their tiller, because we couldn’t make the beds without it.

As of last night, we’ve completed 30 beds, and it is really looking like a garden out there. Make sure you go check it out if you haven’t already. We will continue to create the beds throughout the summer, moving north toward the mound at the far edge of the property from where the beds are currently. We’re hoping that the Shepherd kids will be able to plant next week – both in the existing beds and just in traditional rows toward the southern area of the garden. We would love to have enough beds for planting, but, at this point, it is more important to get things planted.

Starting next week, we should be ready to resume the “normal” volunteer schedule that I sent out a few weeks ago. I will communicate to those volunteers assigned for each week as to what needs to be done that week via the Tasks link, so be sure to check that page prior to heading to the garden on your specified day.

Unfortunately, we can’t just send out volunteers to build the beds on their own because there has to be a tiller out at the garden in order for us to able to till up enough dirt to 1) clear the walkways and 2) build the beds. So we have to wait until a group of us can come out there with the tiller and who are knowledgeable about the layout of the garden. Soon, though, there will be plenty of work to keep us all busy…pulling weeds, mulching, composting, pulling more weeds, watering…

I’m anxious to meet all of you soon!