On Monday, we had a group of Carmel Young Life high schoolers come out and work in the garden. We had a great time! They were a huge help – we finished another row of garden beds, and they brought enough mulch to the garden to cover all of the existing pathways. Stephen and Emily, Grace volunteers, also came out to help, and we all had a wonderful time working together.

Amy and Ken, two of our Grace volunteers, were kind enough to donate their tiller for our use out in the garden. We are SO thankful for their generosity! Now we have TWO tillers to use in our continuing bed-making project.

Check out the garden when you get a chance – the corn is sprouting! The weeds are beginning to sneak in, as well, so we could use your help in keeping those under control (just dump any weeds directly into the compost bins on the east side of the garden beds).

Keep bringing out your compost materials, and we’ll look forward to seeing you out at the garden soon!

Thanks for all you do!