I’m so sorry for the delay in updating our Garden blog! Things got a little crazy toward the end of the summer, but we have been hard at work this Fall planning and preparing for next year’s garden.

We will be sending out more detailed information over the next few months, but keep checking back here for updates in the meantime. If you’re interested in the possibility of taking on a leadership role with the garden next year, please contact me! We are looking for plot leaders, experienced gardeners, manual laborers, and anyone interested in making the Grace Garden bigger and better.

If you’re a gardener yourself, you may want to think about ordering your seeds now, rather than waiting until later in the winter. Many seed companies are experiencing large price increases and predicting seed shortages due to the increase in ethanol production (farmers are planting more corn, so there is less space for other types of crops). And, of course, when you’re ordering seeds this year, the Grace Garden would be happy to take any extras off of your hands!

Family-owned seed companies, if you’re interested:

Pinetree Seeds
Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Fedco Seeds
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Territorial Seeds