One of our plot leaders, Billy Fairchild, recommended that we use a large tractor with an attached tiller to create the remaining 80+ beds that we needed to accomodate this year’s Grace Garden and CSA. Billy also graciously volunteered to pick-up and drive the tractor last night for our first group work day. Now I’m wondering how we ever survived digging out and creating beds without a tractor!

Last year, it took us probably 20-30 hours and lots of volunteers to create 36 beds. Last night, Billy, John Deere, and some hardworking volunteers completed 84 beds in about five hours!

Thank you to everyone who was able to come out last night! We are attempting to fill our remaining plots with volunteer shareholders, so turn in those CSA forms if you haven’t already and are still interested. Once we have all of the plots full, your plot leader will be in touch with further details.