Fortunately, our problem thus far with watering the garden has been too much rain, not enough. However, as summer progresses, we’ll be wishing for more rainy days. We are still hoping to build a rain collection system out at the garden; in the meantime, Jodi, one of our plot leaders, filled up one of the large drums with water (on her own – thank you, Jodi!) and devised a system for keeping it full. If you use any of the water out at the garden, please follow the procedure detailed below for refilling our water supply. If we stay on top of it and each do our part, we’ll be sure to have enough water all summer long!

Water instructions:IMG_0512

1.  There are several large five gallon water jugs behind the first water drum. These should be filled at all times to keep them from blowing away and to keep reserves for the garden. Use either the water drum or these jugs to fill up your watering cans and…water your heart out!

2.  After you’re finished watering your plants, it is easiest to transport the empty five gallon water jugs in your car. If the water in the drum looks low, go ahead and empty some of the remaining full jugs into the water drum (this is a two-man job, so only do so if you have another person around to help). Don’t forget to grab the wrench that is stored in the plastic bag on the front end of the water drum and the white hose that should be sitting in front of the water drum:


3. Load up the water jugs and pull up in front of the north entrance on the church:


 4.  The spigot is located just to the right of the North Entrance doors. IMG_0518You will need to attach the hose to the nozzle, and then use the wrench to turn the valve on – it just takes a quarter crank to the right. It is easiest to unload all of your empty jugs, take off the lids, and line them up next to the spigot before turning the water on. Then you just use the hose to fill up each jug. Once you’re finished, turn off the water, unscrew the hose, and take your full water jugs, the wrench and the hose back out to the garden. **Don’t forget to put the wrench back in the plastic bag and put the white hose back where you found it. 

TIP: “Pop” the lids off of the jugs, so that we can keep reusing them.

Also, these directions are also posted on the water drum (in the plastic bag with the wrench), so don’t be worried if you’re afraid you’ll forget all these steps once you get out there!

Thanks for all of your help out at the garden – it looks great!!