The garden is looking great! All of this rain is making the plants very happy. Unfortunately, it’s making the weeds happy too. If you have old newspapers or grass clippings laying around, we would love to take those off your hands, as both make a great mulch for the vegetables, which would help retain moisture and keep the weeds at bay.

One of our plots has some standing water in the walkways. Does anyone have some ideas as to how to deal with standing water? The plot members have attempted to drain the affected areas and fill those areas in with mulch, but, with all of this rain, it is a difficult task. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

The chickens are a huge hit, especially with the kids, so be sure to play with them a bit before they have to go home in a few weeks. We’ll all be sad to see them go!

If you aren’t signed up for this year’s Grace Garden CSA, we could still use your help in many ways – check the Needs page above for more information. The Grace Garden needs your time, talent and treasure!