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The Grace Garden CSA volunteers are busily preparing the beds for planting here in another few weeks, but we need a tiller. Is there anyone that would be willing to loan us their tiller for a week or so? If so, contact me!


Check out all of these community gardening resources! In Grace Garden news, we need more volunteers for our CSA. If you’re interested, check out this post, turn in your form, and get gardening!

With all of those cucumbers we’ll be growing out at the Grace Garden this year, you’ll need to learn how to make pickles. Check out this local event for more information, and be sure to let us know what you learned if you’re able to make it!

Have you been enjoying the sunshine this last week as much as I have? It has me itching to get back out in the Grace Garden and get to work. I planted some peas, kale, green onions and radishes in our home garden last weekend, so we’re looking forward to those here in a few weeks.

We only have 6 spots taken so far in this year’s Grace Garden CSA. For more information about this year’s options out at the Grace Garden, please refer to this link and contact me with any questions.

Have you been thinking about getting involved with the garden? Do you have friends or family that would enjoy participating? Now is the time for you to sign up and to invite your friends and family to do so as well!

Easter is a time of renewed hope for the future, and there is no better lesson in hope than planting or participating in a garden. Join us out at Grace as we garden for the Kingdom!

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