The Grace Garden is partnering with Westfield In Bloom’s Plant a Row for the Hungry project this year.

Plant a Row is a national program that was launched in 1995 by the Garden Writers Association and Foundation in hopes of encouraging home gardeners to plant an extra row in their gardens meant specifically for the hungry in their communities.

Westfield’s Plant a Row program is one of the subcommittees of Westfield of Bloom and shares the same goals and ideals as the national Plant a Row program. Westfield’s Plant a Row for the Hungry program enjoyed great success in its inaugural year last year. Thanks to Plant A Row participants and volunteers, nearly 400 pounds of food were donated to Third Phase Food Bank, Hamilton County’s largest food pantry. With your time and help, we are hoping to make 2011’s Plant A Row program bigger and better.

The economic conditions are still dire for many families in Westfield, and planting an extra row of fruits, vegetables and herbs is a fun and easy way for local gardeners to combat hunger in our own backyard. If you aren’t a gardener, there are many other ways for you to be involved, as well. Please leave a comment below for more information!

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