When I first started gardening (organically, of course), I spent tons of time amending the soil with compost and peat and vermiculite (I’m a big fan of the square foot gardening method), but then I kind of just put the plants in the ground and expected them to do their thing all season long, aside from me doing some weeding and watering.

The more I learned about gardening, however, I realized that I really wasn’t maximizing our plant’s productivity because I wasn’t feeding them throughout the season.

Grant started vermicomposting this winter, so we’re hoping to have plenty of compost to add to the garden throughout the season this year. I also like to use pelletized chicken poop. I wish we had some chickens of our own, but for now we buy our poo pellets at Habig’s, soak them in some water for a few days, and then use that to water the garden once every few weeks or so.  This year, I tried the concoction on my seedlings too, so we’ll see how that goes.

What do you use to organically feed your garden? I’m thinking about trying this concoction this year – it looks like it would work for the lawn, as well!