I’ve mentioned Nature’s Crossroads before, but I wanted to recommend them again. We are so fortunate to have a seed company right in our backyard concerned about maintaining locally grown and adapted seed varieties. Their website has tons of valuable resources and information. I came across a whole section on gardening with kids today that I thought some of you might want to try with your little ones as we’re able to get outside more.

Since our little guy is a bit small to appreciate some of the more exciting projects just yet, I thought we could give him a little plot of root vegetables, so he can dig and around and get dirty (his favorite activity) come harvest time.

I might try this one just for myself!

Grow a Cucumber in a Bottle

Have you ever seen one of those sailing ships inside a bottle?  You can create your own special treasure by growing a cucumber inside a bottle!  It’s very simple; when the cucumber fruit is still small, slide it inside a clear glass bottle (short-neck salad dressing bottles work best), being careful not to break the vine.  Tuck it under a couple of leaves for shade (the glass tends to magnify sunlight) and let it continue to grow so it fills the bottle.  When it is full grown (or getting too big for the bottle), snip it off the vine and admire.  Your cucumber is a fresh vegetable so it won’t last very long – show it off to friends and family within a couple of days and then have an adult reach in the jar with a long, thin, sharp knife to cut the cucumber in pieces and slip them out to eat as shredded cucumber.

Bookmark Nature’s Crossroads’ website for future reference and be sure to support them by buying their seeds!