I like to think that most of us want to live more sustainably, but that all of the information out there can seem overwhelming, time-consuming, and just plain harder than the alternative. I definitely think that whatever changes we make are worth any extra time or effort, but it’s still nice to start with some more manageable ideas, which is where Tiny Choices comes in. Tiny Choices is a blog with easy, almost “tiny choices” that we can make to live with less of a footprint. Some of my favorite tips:

  • Those Old Consumerist Urges. I rail against materialism, but I still lust after all of those new spring dresses and sandals like a normal girl. This post gives me motivation to keep up the counter-cultural fight.
  • Plant it! (repurposing your food). This post got me on the sprouting bandwagon, which is “gardening” that we can do all year long.
  • Host a book swap. I have a bit of a book obsession. Grant, my husband, finally had to put some rules in place for my book collecting, so book swaps are a great way for me to get my fix without having to worry about building more bookshelves.

Tiny Choices’ author writes about the whole gamut of green choices – from the simplest, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that tips to the much more dramatic, life-changing practices. I enjoy reading her posts because some days I can give myself a pat on the back for already doing something that she writes about, and, on other days, her posts challenge me to do more and do better.