The Plant a Row committee has been busy! Jas and I went out last week to check on the community garden plot at Christ United Methodist Church and the farmer’s market garden plot. Jasper was really good at flinging dirt around while I planted and weeded. The PAR volunteers have done an amazing job of keeping up with the garden, and I’m learning lots about our plans for the evolution of the Grace Garden. Like Plant a Row on Facebook if you haven’t already to keep up with PAR this summer (and for some great pics too)!

Grant had a work thing, so I had to bring Jasper along to work the Westfield in Bloom/Plant a Row booth at the Westfield farmer’s market last Friday. It was so fun. The new space for the market allows for much more mingling and many more marketers. They have live music, way too much deliciously tempting produce and ready-to-eat foods, and some great homemade gifts. You should check it out!

Jasper and I handed out the Plant a Row newsletter to all of the different marketers and explained what Plant a Row is all about. Everyone was very enthusiastic and welcoming. We weren’t able to stay for the whole evening because Jas got a little hot and cranky, but we’re excited to make it back for many more Westfield farmer’s markets this summer! You should come too – and bring your extra produce. We’re collecting it all summer long at the Westfield in Bloom booth, so you can come for a fun evening and help our neighbors in need all at the same time.

Robert from Plant a Row with the Westfield in Bloom ladies.

Jasper liked the radishes at first, but then he got really confused when they turned hot at the end. He just walked around with his mouth open, saying “HOT!”