Did any of you watch this season’s Food Revolution? I loved the show’s first season and found possibly even more to cheer for in the recently concluded second season. I’ll admit to tearing up in nearly every show this season at the thought of how big this problem really is: one in every three boys and two in every five girls born today will develop diabetes, a debilitating, expensive, deadly – and largely preventable – disease. I also just get upset watching children and families that have totally lost touch with where their food comes from and don’t know where to even begin to change their habits. If money were no object, I’d open up a kitchen just to teach people how to cook healthy, delicious and simple meals from beginning to end, which is a big part of why I put recipes on this blog – if I’ve learned how to love putting meals together out of fresh, local ingredients, then anybody can do it.

Despite my sappy review, if you didn’t catch the show, I would highly encourage you to watch the episodes online. Jamie’s a very likeable guy that cooks simple, delicious food in an approachable way. Join the Food Revolution, find some tasty and healthy recipes (I think we might try these kabobs this weekend), and get involved with campaigns (like the debacle that is flavored milk) in your area here!