I’ve been reading a bit about foraging – gathering food in the wild. I haven’t tried it yet because I need to find some kind of guidebook, so I don’t end up killing myself eating some strange mushroom or something. But Jasper beat me to the punch and just went for it on his own…

Here he is with something in his mouth and a mischievous look on his face. I ask him “what’s in your mouth?”

He responds by saying “ahhh” and opening his mouth to reveal a half-chewed up dandelion. I told him them lots of great chefs charge a pretty penny for organic dandelions and their greens and to eat away. I also told him that he can only eat dandelions in our yard because our neighbors put chemicals on their yards that make him and the environment sick. He understood every word, I’m sure.

A happy camper after a mid-morning foraging adventure in our yard.