Gene Logsdon’s blog has this ongoing series called “Why I Farm,” in which farmers/homesteaders/gardeners tell their stories about why they do what they do. I’m fascinated by the series and look forward eagerly to each new entry. Read all of the entries on a rainy day, but here are a few of my favorite snippets:

So, in short, I farm because I want to be part of whatever happens after gas is too expensive to drive to the grocery 20 miles away where people pay far too much of their hard-invested effort and time for nutrient substances manufactured from agricultural industrial components, and I think raising real food that someone can take from one of our pastures and fields to his dinner table is the way to do it. And I think you can do it too, even if it’s just a small yard-garden, or if you want to take the plunge and farm yourself. (Dennis)

We put those kindergarteners to work — child labor can be a powerful thing. They dug beds, and we built trellises. They planted blackberries, raspberries, apples, pluots, and pears, and culinary herbs. We grew sweet peas and daffodils, and made a big bed of California wildflowers. We planted popcorn. (Barbara Ayers)

The garden alone is a game played with Mother Nature that equals anything a person can view on any of the TV sports channels. I’d say it is a combination of chess; wrestling and hide-n-go seek. (Jeff)