Have you found Pinterest yet? My advice? Don’t. It’s ridiculously addicting, and I spendwaste entirely too much time on there. It gets my creative juices flowing, but I seem to just spend more time looking up stuff instead of actually DOING the stuff I’m “pinning.” For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about or just don’t care, I’ll get to the point. I’m already daydreaming about next year’s garden, and Pinterest is a great source of inspiration. A few ideas worth sharing:

  • I’m researching inexpensive and sustainable ideas to incorporate square foot gardening principles at the Grace Garden next year…
  • I’ve always had trouble growing carrots, so I’m going to try these tips next spring.
  • A great resource blog for beginner and experienced gardeners – shows the importance of having and sticking to A PLAN!
  • This is genius – my square feet never end up looking as pretty and organized as the ones in the pictures. Not that I care about how it looks, but straighter rows would help with weeding and proper spacing.
  • I love growing potatoes, but they take up so much space. I will be doing this next year. I’m collecting big barrels/buckets now if you have any laying around that you want to donate…
  • I want to try more foraging. I need to study up this winter, so that I’m prepared next spring.
  • I planted our mint in a large container when I originally planted it a few years ago, but it has still gone crazy in the garden. I’m hoping to revamp things a bit next year and give the herb garden its own real estate. Here are some helpful mint tips.
  • I’ve also been lots of chicken research, but it is our little secret!

I would very much like our backyard to look like this someday please.

Of course, if you’re already on Pinterest, find me on there so we can waste time together!