We cleaned up the garden a few weeks ago. We chopped down all of the vegetable plants to the ground, so that their roots would decompose over the winter and make for better soil next year. We trimmed back all of the perennials. We picked all of the remaining tomatoes (and there were lots of them yet!). Then we planted some radishes and kale in the square foot and some cover crops in the rest of the garden.

I haven’t had the best luck with green tomatoes in the past. I usually put them in the windowsill in the kitchen and wait for them to turn, but only a few of them ever do. This year, we had several pans of green toms, so I told Grant that I would try putting them in the dining room (which faces east) instead. I wasn’t feeling too confident because the kitchen gets more sun (or so I thought). At this point, nearly all of the tomatoes have turned red – and delicious. Jasper and I have been chowing down on five or six tomatoes a day even this far into October. I’m so glad I have the other room a chance. Moral of the story: test out a few spots around your house in order to find the best place for turning all of those fall tomatoes!

Before (just a sampling):

After only a few days: