I’ve always loved fresh herbs. My favorite scent for as long as I can remember is fresh rosemary. My mom could get it to come back in the garden every spring. I’ve only done so successfully once, but I keep trying. Rosemary does great inside. I just picked up a cute little rosemary plant in the shape of a Christmas tree, and looking at it makes my day.

Fresh herbs are one of those easy secrets to really great meals. I made a pork roast last night…all I did was sear the pork and then throw it along with some onions, carrots, garlic and fresh thyme, oregano, and red wine in the crock pot. The meal takes all of about three minutes, and Grant talks about it for days. I’m sure the pasture-raised pork doesn’t hurt, but I think the fresh herbs really take the meal over the top. So do yourself a favor and try some of these herbs that do well indoors this winter.