As previously mentioned, my diet over the last several weeks has been less than stellar. Aside from general sleepiness and queasiness, I haven’t had much in the way of cooking or gardening or anything else interesting to talk about in this space.

We had an abundance of farm fresh eggs toward the end of our CSA season, and, fortunately for me, eggs and bacon did still sound somewhat appetizing (the greasier, the better). I ate this for lunch every day for a ridiculous amount of days in a row. This picture was taken with tomatoes, but I would be willing to bet that I sneaked those onto Jasper’s plate if we’re being honest.

This would be a fun weekend breakfast tradition – it is quick and easy, and if Jasper is any indication, the kids think it looks pretty neat.

Eggs in a Hole
Barely adapted from The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Farm fresh eggs
Salt and pepper

Use cookie cutter or small glass (I use a shot glass) to cut a small circle or shape out of the bread in the middle of the slice. Put a slab of butter (use your discretion here – in early pregnancy, I was in the more the merrier camp!) on your skillet. Once the butter is melted, put the slice of bread on the skillet in the melted butter. Wait a minute or two and then crack the egg into your “hole” in the bread. Once the white of the egg has set enough for you to flip the bread, flip the bread over to brown the other side. Salt and pepper and then serve. If you have a big enough skillet, you could get several of these going at the same time.