It’s that time of year again – our CSA has started! WHOO HOO! It’s like Christmas every Friday. We had a world record breaking amount of loot for this early in the season for our first share two weeks ago – green onions, chives, baby greens, spinach, beets, and kale! Like last year, I’ll try to record here at least a few of the ways that we use up our CSA share every week. We get our shares on Friday, so I’ll try to keep up these posts on Fridays from now on…we’ll see how that goes.

We signed up for the egg share again this year because I still haven’t gotten the ball rolling on working to have the ban on hens in Noblesville repealed. Seriously, how silly is it that we can’t have some hens in our backyard?! Who’s in to help me? 🙂

If you’re interested, our CSA still has room for a pro-rated amount…sign up today!

The garbage frittata is a staple in our weekly menus, so I of course made one using up some kale, green onions, and local mushrooms from this week’s CSA share.  I’ve changed up the cooking instructions a bit from the original recipe. I like to cook it on the stove a bit longer – until the eggs set up, which usually takes around five minutes. I then toss the pan in a 400 degree preheated oven for about 10-15 minutes. I like the texture a bit better finishing at a high temperature.