I know I have a ton of catching up to do here, but life is a wee bit crazy these days…bear with me!

Somehow, the kale plants have continued to produce in our garden even with all of this heat. We love kale, so that hasn’t been a problem! A few of the plants did go to seed, and I let them go in hopes of harvesting the seeds since this variety has done so well in our garden (it’s especially helpful to save seeds from crops that do well in your own garden because you know that they have already succeeded with your soil and weather conditions). I picked off the pods over the weekend and let them dry out a bit more on the table in the sun for a few days. This morning, I started collecting the seeds. It was so easy – the pods easily broke apart, scattering the seeds onto my waiting baking sheet to be collected. I now have enough kale seeds to turn our entire backyard into a kale farm – if only Grant would let me!

Here I’m only about a stalk or two into my seed collecting. The remaining stalks are in the background.

The easily-emptied pods stacking up.