Excuse my absence (again) – family vacation and starting school got in the way!

I love tomatillos, but I’ve always had bad luck growing them. I typically start them from seed, and only a few plants even survive to be transplanted…and then those plants might produce enough tomatillos for one small batch of salsa.

Not this year.

I planted one tomatillo plant in the corner of the garden. I bought it at Whole Foods because I was sick of my aforementioned bad luck. Somehow, I now have at least eight tomatillo plants in the garden. Has anyone else faced this phenomenon? My original plant has been producing well and regularly since mid-July. The other ones are producing larger tomatillos, but most of them aren’t quite ready to be picked yet.

I don’t really want to explore why I have so many tomatillos much further. I’d rather spend my time eating them. I had planned to experiment with different recipes with my long-hoped-for excess of this funky little fruit, but I made a batch of salsa verde…and I can’t seem to use the tomatillos for anything else. I have a problem.

Salsa Verde


About two pounds of tomatillos (remove the skins and wash the sticky residue off), quartered
1 onion
Large handful of fresh cilantro (equivalent of about a cup)
1 jalapeno, destemmed (remove some or all of the seeds for less kick)
Juice of one lime
2 garlic cloves
Salt and pepper to taste


Dump all of the ingredients in the food processor and pulse until the mixture is uniformly pureed. Eat on anything…fish tacos, scrambled eggs, tortilla chips, chicken. I really haven’t found anything that this stuff doesn’t make better!