Last week turned into a bit of a bust for our household: our little lady got sick, we spent a whole day at the doctor’s office, and Grant had to go out of town for work at the last minute. We did the rice and beans, but not as strictly as I had hoped. In between all of the craziness, I made a batch of navy bean soup and a huge pot of rice. It basically lasted me all week since Grant was gone so much and things were so crazy.

I knew already that I don’t love leftovers for more than about three days, but I was reminded again how people in poverty face many difficulties, but one that I would have the most trouble with is the poverty of choice. While we live on a budget and limit ourselves in certain areas, I still have thousands of choices every day. Poverty eliminates choice. And by eliminating choice, it impacts people’s dignity too because we then expect that people should just be happy with whatever they get when they are in a position of need…which is why places like the Grace Care Center are so important because they offer people choices. It may not seem like a big deal to be able to choose between canned corn or peas, but when your days are full of a lack of choices about your circumstances, those seemingly mundane choices become more significant.

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