We use a lot of lemons around our house. They are one of those definitely not-local things that we tend to have around the house. A little squeeze of lemon can take an ordinary dish from boring to delicious. A little olive oil and lemon juice make an always delicious dressing for any salad. And we don’t drink much besides water, tea, and coffee, so a treat for me is a lemon shake-up (basically just the juice of a half of lemon + ice water!).

I can’t even remember where I read this originally, but I found a very simple way to get more juice from your lemons: slice them long ways. For some reason, slicing them from end to end instead of down the middle (like I always used to do) produces quite a bit more juice than the other way. I also roll it around on the counter first to separate the skin a bit from the fruit, which also helps produce more juice.

Just an easy tip to get more bang for your buck out of your citrus!