So remember how we tried something new with the tomato cages this year? I’d say the new cages were a huge success – we’ve never had tomato plants this prolific by this point in the year. (I also think it helped that we had Urban Farm Seeds start our plants for us this year!). I’ve also been more dedicated about pruning the tomatoes this year…I always prune them, but this year, I’ve made sure to prune every 3-4 days. The weather has been wonderful as well – I’ve only had to water once so far this year! We have some renegade zucchini growing in the middle of our beds, but they’re doing so well that we’ve decided to let them go.

We’re so happy with our new beds. It just appeals more to my sense of order or something. The peppers (sweet and hot) seem to be doing great. Our potatoes are doing really well too – almost too well because I’m out of extra dirt to mound over them already. Despite my best attempts to space out the bean harvest, it looks like the bush beans are all going to come around the same time, so stay tuned for some green bean preserving tips.


Grant’s “baby” (aka the compost) is better than ever – he really has a system down. We’ve been feeding everything with the cooked compost about every three weeks so far, which has obviously helped things along too.


20130703-152623.jpgHere’s hoping my next garden update includes lots of details on production!