I love rainbow chard. It’s so pretty! And tasty and healthy too, but mostly just so pretty. I really only saute it in some olive oil and garlic because I think that’s the best way to play up its strengths, and I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. We’ve been using it as a base for burgers (at our dream restaurant, Grant says we’d call this “paleo on a plate”) in place of using buns, so here we tore up the chard, sauteed it in some garlic and olive oil, and then piled on top our burger and all of the fixins (sauteed mushrooms, red onions, bacon, avocados).


We also eat a ton of eggs for lunch, so this is a pretty regular lunch around our house: sauteed chard (or kale or spinach) with a fried (local, happy chicken) egg on top.



This has been our go-to lunch (and sometimes dinner) for pretty much all of July – local sweet corn, a cucumber sandwich, and some rainbow chard with eggs. Indiana summer on a plate!