I feel like I say this about lots of summer vegetables, but is there really anything better than an ear or two of fresh Indiana sweet corn with lots of butter, salt and pepper? I think not. I don’t really love corn other than in the summer straight off the cob, but for the last few years, we’ve frozen batches of Indiana sweet corn for use in soups, tacos, etc. throughout the winter. That corn is a totally different story from the canned or frozen stuff you find at the grocery store, if you ask me. We canned a whole bunch too (recipe coming), but here is our easy process for freezing sweet corn.

Step one: recruit your sweet husband to shuck the corn.

Step two: cook the corn by your method of choice. I like the pressure cooker personally, but I also roasted a few dozen ears under the broiler and grilled another dozen or so on the grill.


Step three: cut all of the corn from the cobs. We like to do this on big baking sheets because 1) it’s easy to catch the flying kernels and 2) we spread out the corn on the baking sheets and then plop them in the freezer. Freezing them on the baking sheets first makes it easy to just take a little out at a time versus putting them in the bags directly and then having them all freeze together in the bags.

Step four: After freezing the corn (usually overnight for us) on the baking sheets, we put it in bags, label them, and get excited about eating Indiana corn all winter long (or at least as long as it will last!).

Working hard!