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We had lots of people come up to be a part of the new community garden by helping us build a shed out at the garden for the 2013 Weekend of Service. We were blessed with a perfect day and plenty of flexible, construction-savvy volunteers. As I told everyone during the morning’s briefing, this shed is the start of something big at Grace. We will look back on October 13th as a turning point in our efforts to connect our people with where their food comes from. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for next year’s garden!









I apologize for my absence here – it has been a crazy and exciting few weeks. Last week, our creation care ministry was approved as a Partner of Grace Church, which is a tremendous vote of confidence in our new ministry and opens many, many doors for us going forward. Then last weekend was our Weekend of Service, in which we had over 400 people participating in caring for creation around central Indiana. Over the weekend and in the days since, I have felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for what God is doing at Grace and beyond when it comes to His command to us to care for His creation. I thought this poem of Wendell’s was appropriate:

Learn by little the desire for all things
which perhaps is not desire at all
but undying love which perhaps
is not love at all but gratitude
for the being of all things which
perhaps is not gratitude at all
but the maker’s joy in what is made,
the joy in which we come to rest.
Wendell Berry, Leavings

our little tree huggerIf you haven’t already, “like” the Creation Care’s Facebook page for lots of Creation Care events, articles, and quotes.

springWe are especially sick of winter this year – we have all been sick at one point or another throughout February, and we’re ready for spring to hurry up already. Grant and I have been planning and scheming up plans for our home garden, of course. We ordered some seeds (as usual) from Nature’s Crossroads, a local seed company just down the road in Bloomington. They’re offering two free packets of Siberian kale seeds with every spring order through March 15. We’re still working on our big plan, but I’ll share it here when we get things figured out.

In the meantime, we would love to have you help out with Plant a Row for the Hungry – at home and at our community gardens. We are hoping to have a small demonstration garden at Grace this year, too, that we’ll certainly need your help maintaining. In addition, Shepherd Community Center has a wonderful garden/food program, and they’re always looking for volunteers. Of course, Grace’s Choice Food Pantry could always use your help. Our Creation Care team is really ramping up, but we need your time and help.

If you want any additional information on the above, please leave a comment below!


We see that God’s physical creation is in decay and groaning because of abuse and neglect by human beings, and we need your help to do something about it.

Thank you for your interest in Creation Care at Grace and for visiting our booth following Pastor Dave’s sermon on the sixth broken place – the earth. We look forward to meeting you and working together to help Grace become a leader in caring for God’s creation. In an effort to get to know one another and our interests, we will be holding a gathering for anyone interested in Creation Care issues on Thursday, January 10th at 7pm in Room 111 at Grace.

At next month’s meeting, you will hear from leaders involved with Creation Care at Grace about how you can join this new ministry, and we want to hear and learn from you, as well. If you cannot attend next month’s meeting, but are interested in learning more about what’s going on with this new ministry at Grace, please read below for additional details. Because Creation Care includes such a diverse array of issues, we have broken down the topic into three sub-categories: Physical Creation, Food, and Resource Use.

The physical creation is deteriorating as a direct result of sin. As Christians, we are called and designed to be good stewards of the Earth, its inhabitants, and ecosystems.. You want to be on this team if you are concerned/passionate about the following:

  • Restoring physical creation (both at the Grace campus and elsewhere)
  • Caring for and conserving ecosystems, including plants, animals, and the habitats that support all species
  • Reducing air and water pollution, habitat destruction, and climate change

Contact Will Ditzler at if you are interested in learning more about the Physical Creation team and cannot make it to the January meeting.

Food is the basis for life, and, as individuals and families, we have the opportunity to have the most impact on our environment with our choices about how we eat. You want to be on this team if you are concerned/passionate about the following:

  • Starting a community garden, Plant a Row for the Hungry, home gardening, etc.
  • Educating others about sustainable food and agriculture

Contact Sara Sterley at if you are interested in learning more about the Food team and cannot make it to the January meeting.

Our collective resource use is wreaking havoc on creation at all levels. Natural resources are a finite gift from God that should be used wisely and respectfully. You want to be on this team if you are concerned/passionate about the following:

  • Green energy
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Reducing energy use (at Grace and educating Grace people about how to reduce their household energy consumption)

Contact Mac Williams at if you are interested in learning more about the Resource Use team and cannot make it to the January meeting.

Thanks so much for your passion for Creation Care. We look forward to seeing you at Thursday’s meeting!

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